Frequently Asked Questions

Our boring lawyers made us put this here.

HH no longer accepts cash payments for services, beginning November 1, 2022. All major credit cards and electronic forms of payment are accepted.

We ask that you please reschedule or cancel at least 2 hours before the beginning of your appointment.

At Hudson / Hawk Barber & Shop we understand that schedule conflicts and last-minute changes are necessary at times. We respectfully ask for 24-hour notice for any cancellation request. The first occurrence will result in a warning/clarification with the customer. An appointment canceled within 2 hours of the scheduled time will result in a charge of 50% of the original service fee to be charged at the time of your next visit, or to your credit card or gift card on file.

We allow clients one No-Show appointment (do not show for an appointment without notice or cancellation) without the client being charged. On the second (and subsequent) No-Show, 100% of the scheduled service fees will be charged to your credit card, gift card on file, or at the time of your next visit. We will provide courtesy email and/or text messages 24 to 48 hours in advance to ensure your appointment still fits within your schedule. Ultimately, it remains our guest’s responsibility to keep their appointment times and update us if there are schedule conflicts or changes to your contact information on file.

Group appointment services are offered for 4 or more people and required for groups of 6 or more. Shop rental may be available for private parties. For group availability, a two-week notice and a 50% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve group services and shop rentals. No appointment changes can be made after the deposit has been paid. To book your group appointment or request more information, please see our contact page.

At Hudson / Hawk Barber & Shop we are committed to excellence and the satisfaction of our clients without exception. If a service is performed and you feel unsatisfied with your experience, we will invite you back to the shop of your choice to redo or correct the service to ensure your satisfaction. All retail sales of grooming products are final. No returns or exchanges can be made after the product leaves the shop.

Barbershops are different than facilities designed specifically for children because there are barbers performing face and neck shaves on clients. For the child’s safety and comfort, and the safety and comfort of all clients, we ask that children can sit still for several minutes at a time and not attempt to get out of their chair.

When a child is ready for the barbershop, Hudson / Hawk barbers provide the same service on the ‘little guys’ as we do the ‘big guys,’ including hair washouts, hot towels, and massages (select services) so our pricing is the same by service, rather than by age.

As a general guideline, children aged four and older may be ready for the barbershop while younger children may be more comfortable in a setting designed for their needs.

Phone Number: Since phone numbers are more unique than client names, we use phone numbers to create or find client files in our appointment software. This helps avoid one client having multiple files in our system and also allows us to text appointment reminders for those clients who prefer text over email.

Email Address: Hudson / Hawk asks for an email address as another option to receive appointment reminders. We may also periodically send special offers and opportunities to review barbers and shops. Clients may unsubscribe from these emails at any time.

You may purchase a Hudson / Hawk gift card in one shop and redeem the gift card at any other Hudson / Hawk shop. They never expire and are available in the dollar amount that you choose. If a gift card is lost or stolen, no worries. We keep your information and gift card amount on file. Be sure to notify the shop you plan to visit beforehand to ensure there aren’t any issues.

Services are charged as reserved and include all components of the service. We do not offer a discounted price if a client chooses to opt-out of a portion of their service. (Ex. wash, or vibrating massage)

Your time is valuable. We make every attempt to stay on schedule, but sometimes circumstances keep our barbers from beginning their next appointment on time. If your barber is finishing with a client into your scheduled appointment time, your barber will let you know how much time to expect for the delayed start. We’ll make every attempt not to let that delay affect your service or appointment end time.

If your barber is running behind for your appointment and another barber is available, you’ll have the option to see the other barber for your service.

The Clean-Up service is a quick option to Stay Sharp between full-service haircuts and is a clipper service that begins at the temples and moves down and around the perimeter of the hairline to trim the base of the hair. The Clean-Up service does not include cutting the full sides and back, trimming the top of the head, wash-out, or massage. To keep scheduled appointment times with your full-service barber available for those days when you need a complete cut and service, the Clean-Up service is a walk-in service only.

Hudson / Hawk senior apprentices are licensed barbers in their last 30 days of training before hitting the floor as a full-time barber. They offer a 30 min Buzz, 45 min Original Cut, and 1-hour Zero Fade, at a discounted rate of $5 off the listed price. The cuts will also be checked by a Lead or Senior barber at the end of the service to ensure a quality cut is always given.

It is important to Hudson / Hawk that all employees, guests, vendors, etc are protected from harassment. Any incidents of harassment towards a member of the Hudson / Hawk team will be dealt with immediately. Consequences of such actions may include discontinuing of the service, temporary or permanent banning from any Hudson / Hawk location or potential legal action. If any guests or vendors feel they have experienced harassment by a member of the Hudson / Hawk team, please contact us immediately at [email protected] so that we may investigate the situation and take swift action.