How Often Should You Go to the Barber?

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Man looking at hair in the mirror

People are complicated. Hair is too. How often should you go to the barber? The answer depends on a variety of factors, including your hair goals, your hairstyle, and your hair type. The best way to determine when you should return is to ask your barber. They’ll assess your unique situation to help you figure out a frequency that works.

But perhaps you’re curious about what goes into a pro’s scheduling recommendations, or you want to make your own calculation. If that’s the case, the following general guidelines will help you determine when to visit your barber.

What Are Your Hair Goals?

For most people, multiple factors will combine to determine the ideal time between visits to the barber. One of the most pivotal factors will be your hair goals:

  • Are you maintaining your current style or something similar? You’ll probably have a fairly consistent schedule.
  • Do you want to transition to a look with longer locks? You may be advised to extend the time between your visits slightly. However, you’ll still come in fairly regularly. This lets the barber continue to shape the cut as it grows out so that you always look your best.
  • Is going shorter in your plans? You can come in whenever you’re ready.

Are You Preparing for a Special Event?

A crisp haircut is the perfect touch for a wedding, job interview, or any other special event. Don’t wait until the big day. Instead, schedule your visit for two or three days before. That gives time for the hair to settle and allows for corrections if there’s an unexpected issue.

How Long Is Your Hair?

How often should you go to the barber? When you’re just maintaining your current style, the length of your hair is one of the main factors in solving this puzzle. If you go too frequently, your hair will get too short. If you wait too long, then your haircut will lose its shape, causing your hair to look sloppy. Review the following pointers:

  • Ultrashort hair: Incredibly tight fades and details that are cut into ultrashort hair with laser precision will blur quickly. To keep the edge, the hair must be kept short. This means visiting the barber every couple of weeks.
  • Short hair: Hair that is under two inches long is easy to maintain, but it requires frequent cuts to stay that way. Plan on visiting the barber every three or four weeks.
  • Short and medium hair: How often should you go to the barber for hair between two and six inches long? Those on the shorter end of the range will likely want to see the barber every four to six weeks. People with lengths closer to six inches can often go longer without a professional’s touch. Visiting the barber shop every three months or so may be suitable.
  • Long hair: Hair exceeding six inches in length still needs regular haircuts to stay healthy and attractive. Cuts at intervals of six to nine months are recommended.

What Is Your Hair Type?

Hair type and texture also influence how often you should go to the barber:

  • Straight or wavy hair means you can often follow the standard schedule.
  • Curly hair often doesn’t show growth as quickly as other hair types. As long as your hair is healthy, you may be able to go longer between cuts. If it’s fragile, you’ll need to stick to a standard schedule or head in sooner.
  • Fine, thin hair can struggle to hold its shape as it grows, so you may want to head in for a cut sooner than people with other hair types.
  • Thick or coarse hair is hardy, so it doesn’t break. However, it often becomes unruly if it’s allowed to outgrow a cut.

A great haircut boosts your confidence and makes dealing with your hair and the rest of the world just a little easier. Visiting a skilled barber at regular intervals is key when you want to maintain your look. Finding the right interval may seem tricky since it depends on a mix of factors, but it’s not too tricky. If you have any questions, ask your barber. They’ll be happy to advise you.

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